Saturday, June 21, 2014

Busting League: Learning the Ropes

Another new* story! This is a loose continuation of these two stories that I posted a while back. Give it a read, and let me know what you think!

* If you read my furry stories, then you've seen this before, but now I've finally gotten around to rewriting it with human characters. Enjoy (again)!

To: Laura Pratt
From: The Underground League
Subject: Re: Re: BATTLE NOTICE: Availability on Friday, July 20th?


Thanks for the prompt reply! We're sorry to spring this on you at the last minute, but we had a pair of female first-timers cancel this week, and you were the next name on our list. And don't be nervous – judging from your fight test, you'll be an excellent addition to the Underground League roster :)

The details for your battle are as follows:

Sharkfin Stadium, Arena 3
Friday, July 20th @ 6:30pm

Since this will be your first battle, please report to the arena at least two (2) hours before your battle is scheduled to start. Check in at the front desk and they'll help you with your ID card, pre-battle preparations, etc. You should be–


The brunette looked up with a start. "Y-yeah?"

"Here's your keycard – you're all set." The receptionist slid a lanyard keychain across the counter. "Locker rooms are to the left. Good luck, kiddo."

Laura shoved her smartphone back into her jeans pocket, snatching up the pass. "Right. Uh, thanks!"

Sharkfin Stadium, Arena 3, 6:30pm. She had re-read the message at least twenty times in the last 48 hours – and several more times in the past few minutes – but that did little to calm her nerves. She'd known that she was high on the waiting list, due for a call any day now, but even so the message had come like a bolt out of the blue. And just two days' notice? Really?

Laura exhaled, adjusting the gym bag slung over her shoulder, shoes clacking on the white linoleum floor as she walked down the hall. It was strange, coming here as a fighter instead of a spectator. She'd never seen the stadium anything less than packed, but the entryway had been virtually empty when she'd first arrived – just a few fans who had come early looking for autographs. (No one had asked her for an autograph, sadly, but then again no one was looking for a last-minute substitute.) The first time she had reached a door that said Authorized Personnel Only, it had taken a moment to realize that she was, in fact, an Authorized Person.

And the strange feeling only grew stronger as she moved deeper into the stadium, following the signs towards the women's locker room. The halls of Sharkfin Stadium were crisp and clean, almost clinically white – an odd juxtaposition, given the League’s reputation for getting down and dirty. Still, over the past decade the Underground had established itself as a serious battle league, if an unorthodox one. The bits of memorabilia lining the walls were evidence of that: news clippings from the Times and the Gazette; pictures of nude fighters locked in combat; a few bios of the League’s most notorious alumni.

Laura slowed for a moment as she passed one particularly noteworthy display, her eyes widening in recognition. Novato Cup IV Semifinals: Hatchwood defeats Russell, proclaimed the placard, next to the now-famous photo of the buxom blonde’s knee buried in her opponent's crotch. One of the most famous come-from-behind wins in the League's short history. Back in college, her roommate had proudly displayed that poster on her wall...until an argument with her boyfriend had reluctantly convinced her to take it down.

A slight chill ran up her spine, looking at the picture. That would be her, soon enough. Maybe not going for the groin so much – she wasn’t totally sure how she felt about that, to be honest – but definitely naked, and battling in front of a massive crowd. Suddenly the idea of baring herself in front of a bunch of strangers seemed much more intimidating than it had been a few hours ago.

Which was a great thought to have just as she entered the locker room.

Laura touched her ID to the card reader with a beep and stepped inside, closing the door again behind her. Where the hallway was white and cream, the locker room was gray and black: dark checkerboard tile covering the floor; a row of metal lockers against the wall; long fluorescent lights set into the ceiling. A wooden bench in front of the lockers provided a place to sit, while a towel rack and the sound of running water indicated a block of showers further around the corner. She could pick up the sound of voices from the showers, but was unable to make out any actual words.

There was no one else visible from the door, so cautiously Laura moved towards the lockers, slipping the bag off of her shoulder and placing it on the floor. She crouched down for a moment to unzip one pocket, rifling through a few pages of orientation paperwork before finding the sheet with her locker number and combination. Another few moments and the metal door opened with a quiet click

–and a thin strip of orange paper fell out, doing a few loops in the air before fluttering to a stop at her feet. Curious, the brunette bent down to pick it up. She turned it over and read:

Welcome to the League, rookie! Hope you like cracking nuts – here’s one to get you started.   –The Rest of Us Girls

The note didn’t fully make sense until Laura straightened up again and noticed the steel nutcracker sitting on the locker shelf, a half-cracked walnut crushed between its grips. She half-laughed, half-winced at the discovery. Fighters in the League weren’t exactly subtle.

There were a few other accoutrements inside as well, including a towel and a water bottle, both branded with the black-and-blue of the Underground League. Laura had always found the Underground color scheme rather pleasing...though given that they were her two favorite colors, maybe that was unsurprising.
She unpacked the remaining contents of her bag – a sweatband plus a tanktop and shorts for future sessions in the gym – and then there was nothing left but the clothes on her own body. Laura reached down and pulled her T-shirt up over her head, tossing it to the foot of her locker, where it was quickly followed by a sports bra. A moment to set aside her keys and wallet, and her jeans joined the pile...

...but she hesitated for a brief moment as she slid her panties down past her knees. Despite years of working on her body, the female had never been entirely comfortable with being naked. In fact, that was one of the reasons she’d signed up for the League in the first place. Facing your fears, right?

Not that she had anything to be embarrassed about. Those years of training had shaped her into one hell of a specimen: lean but muscled, shapely but strong, her relaxed stance belying a defined body underneath. Flowing brown hair cascaded around her head and shoulders, framing her heart-shaped face; that hair was just long enough to reach to her breasts, two moderately-sized orbs tipped with pink nipples. Her torso had been sculpted by years of athletics, showing off her well-worked abs – and further below was her sex, framed on each side by a pair of toned legs. Her thighs and calves were smooth but powerful, cords of muscle hidden from view but able to strike with precision and force. Off to one side on her lower back was a small birthmark, shaped loosely like a four-pointed star, like an asterisk above the firm round globes of her ass.

But despite her enviable body, Laura still had to take a breath to calm herself as she tossed the last of her clothes into her locker. The female rolled her shoulders, trying to loosen up and get over her jitters. After all, she was about to be in a no-holds-barred battle – getting naked was the easy part. Laura felt her cheeks grow hot, embarassed at her own embarassment. No one was even looking at her yet, but she could feel her heart pounding at the thought.

Baby steps, then. Maybe she could start with a shower – a few minutes to get more comfortable in her own skin, and a chance to meet some of the other girls.

Even having made the decision, it took a force of effort for her to actually grab her towel and start towards the showers. Once again, she could hear the muffled sounds of conversation coming from around the corner, the voices growing clearer as she approached.

“–I mean, maybe you stay standing through one hit like that, but two? Honestly, I was shocked.”

“Oh yeah, Gordon knows how to take a blow and fight through it. I’ve seen a few of his battle tapes–”

Laura hung her towel on one of the metal hooks on the wall. From the corner of her eye, the brunette caught glances of a few other females already in the showers, but she was too shy to risk an actual look.

“–impressive, for sure, but someday it’s going to cost him a testicle.”

“Probably. Poor guy’s probably sterile already–”

Uncertainly she padded into the room, her eyes trained on the floor as she found her way to the first available shower. Laura reached out to turn the water on, wincing at the sudden shock of water on her skin before her body grew used to the wetness. She reached up to brush her hair out of her eyes–

"Well hey – can't say I recognize you. You new here?"

Laura turned around to reply – and found herself looking at the largest pair of breasts she had ever laid eyes on. The brunette blinked once or twice, struck momentarily dumb, before taking in a bit more about the tall, hulking woman before her: a smooth tan belly, wide hips, thighs like thunder. She was built like a tank. A very, very attractive tank.

"Uh...hi," Laura replied hesitantly, her eyes still tracing the larger girl's curves. "Yeah, this is my first day."

"My eyes are up here, sweetheart," she rumbled, a hint of amusement in her voice.

The brunette looked up with a start. "S-sorry! I didn't mean to gawk, I just–...I'm kind of new to this." She blushed. "I'm not really used showers."

The stranger chuckled at that, scratching at her short-cropped black hair. "Relax, honey, you're not doing anything wrong. We're all ladies here. 'Sides, the whole stadium gets to see me in the buff every time I battle – I'd better be used to it by now." She held out a hand. "Name's Kelly."

"Laura," she replied, shaking it. "Nice to meet you."

"Same." Kelly took a step back into the shower spray, continuing to face the newcomer as the warm water ran down her back. "Your first day, huh? Who are you fighting?"

With that question, Laura felt some of her earlier doubt return. "I-I'm not sure, actually. I wasn't scheduled to fight until next week, but somebody else cancelled and they needed a sub, so uh, here I am."

"Really! And they didn't even tell you who you're up against? Well that ain't a proper introduction at all." Kelly frowned for a moment. "Still, I s'pose the basic strategies are the same no matter who you're facing." The big woman grinned. "You more of a ballbreaker, or a cocktease?"

For the second time in as many minutes, Laura froze. "I-I beg your pardon?"

"Y'know – when you're fighting a guy, do you scramble his eggs, or beat his meat? Or both, for that matter." Seeing Laura’s somewhat stunned expression, a concerned look spread across Kelly's face. "You do know what this league is mostly about, don't ya?"

"O-of course," she replied quickly, "I just...I guess I haven't thought it out that much. I don't really have a strategy. Like I said, this is all a bit last-minute."

"No strategy?" interjected a lithe blonde showering on the opposite side of Kelly. She left her own shower and took a few steps closer, joining the conversation. "Dear, you can't enter a battle without knowing what you're going to do. That's just asking for defeat."

"Hey now, Emma, give her space – she's still figuring things out, and just because you're the master strategist doesn't mean you've got all the answers." Kelly smiled. "As I recall, even you were a little nervous before your first fight."

Laura took a moment to size up this new acquaintance – skinny, long-legged, her shape much sleeker than Kelly's sturdy build. Probably a cocktease, going by Kelly's categorization. "Honestly?" said Laura, fidgeting nervously. "I'd love to be a...a 'ballbreaker', if I had the stones myself, but I'm not sure if I can go through with that. I mean, what if my opponent's a nice guy? I don't wanna leave him sterile."

"Hey – that's a risk they signed up for."


"Oh fine." She let out a sigh. "Well, if you're a newcomer, they probably won't put you against anyone with significantly more experience than you, so at the very least it'll be an even fight. If you're really feeling uncertain, you could just fight like it's a regulation fight, but believe me, you'll want to get in a nutshot or two if you can. Or some heavy petting, if you prefer."

"Whatever feels right," said Kelly.

Laura nodded slowly. "I think I understand."

"Just make sure to take advantage of any openings – hesitation will kill you out there." Emma shook her head. "And try not to get too squeamish if things start getting messy."

Laura was about to ask the blonde for clarification when a loud noise at the opposite end of the showers interrupted her. All three women turned to see the person who had just come in – a sweating, panting redhead with her hair askew and a wild look on her face. Freckles spotted her cheeks, and her ample chest heaved as she fought to catch her breath.

Laura was a bit taken aback by the woman’s ragged appearance, but it didn't seem to faze either of her new friends. "Heya Blaze," said Kelly cheerfully, smiling at her fellow fighter as she entered the locker room. "How did the match g–"

"Two minutes!" gasped Blaze, scrambling forwards into the showers. Hastily she pushed past the other naked females in the room, making a beeline for one of the private stalls against the rear wall and closing the door behind her with a none-too-gentle SLAM.

As the female whisked past, Laura had to stumble several steps just to keep her balance – a move which brought her careening into the wet, naked Emma. She let out an "eep" at the unexpected sensation of bare skin on bare skin, blushing fiercely as she scampered away from the nude blonde. "S-sorry!" she stuttered immediately.

"It's fine," said Emma, a hint of amusement in her voice.

Kelly just chuckled. "Good heavens, girl, you've got to learn to relax." Kelly wrapped an arm around Laura's shoulders, pulling the skittish newcomer a bit closer. "I mean, honestly – if you're that tightly-wound around a man's meat and potatoes, I dunno how you're ever gonna win a match in this league."

"H-heh, true..." Laura tried not to think too hard about the other naked female body she was now pressed up against...or the unknown opponent that she was scheduled to fight in under an hour. Unfortunately, that just conjured the image of those two nudes together: Kelly pounding the spunk out of some poor guy’s basket, the unidentified male crumpling to his knees as his nuts turned to peanut butter–


The sound was a quiet one, but it was enough to snap Laura out of her rather vivid daydream. She cleared her throat awkwardly, blushing once again, and then turned her attention to the source of the new noise: the private stall where the redhead had disappeared just moments ago. "Um...was that other girl alright? She seemed pretty frazzled when she came in."

"She's fine," answered Emma calmly. "Just give her a few minutes."

"Heh – yeah, don't worry about Blaze." Kelly shared a knowing glance with Emma before turning back to the new recruit. "She just needs some cool-down time. Girl has a tendency to get a bit...excited after her matches."

Laura frowned. "Excited? Why would she–"


This time, the sound that came from the stall was so clearly, loudly, and unabashedly a moan of pleasure that Laura initially assumed it was a joke. That is, until a second moan followed, even more powerfully than the first, so shamelessly lustful that it almost made Laura’s own toes curl.

Laura felt her cheeks turning red. "She's not...?"

"She is," Kelly confirmed, blushing a bit herself. "As I said, Blaze is very...passionate about her matches."

Laura turned to Emma, still somewhat convinced that it was all a joke, but the blonde just smiled silently back, even as another fevered cry came from Blaze’s stall. Laura's ears were burning, a mix of emotions jumbled up in her chest as the redhead’s pants and moans grew louder and more frantic, building to one prolonged, orgasmic squeal before finally fading back down to nothingness.

In the silence that followed, Laura could hear her own heart pounding, her own breath a bit shorter and shallower. There was a long and awkward pause before the shower stall burst open once again, the door crashing into the wall with another indelicate WHAM. Inside stood a very soaked but very satisfied fighter, her breasts still heaving with each breath as she stumbled happily out into the common area.

"Oh fuck, that was the best fight I've had in months," she breathed, her body still flushed with exertion and her green eyes bright with excitement. "Kelly, you have to watch the replay for this when it airs – they paired me up against this British guy, balls like canteloupes, and I just destroyed the dude. Double pop and everything! Oh god, that was good." Blaze planted her hands on her hips and panted for a moment, still short of breath from the ordeal.

Laura was too stunned to respond.

“I hope you at least let him blow first,” said Emma coolly.

“Heh, depends what you mean by ‘first.’” She grinned. “He came right as I popped him. Tried to get me with a grapple, but I slipped in and slammed my knee up between his legs” – she took a moment to pantomime the action – “and the poor guy shot his load all over my thigh. I must have had a quart of spunk blasted on me. I’m gonna smell like sperm all day, but it was so worth it.”

“He came just from that?” Kelly asked incredulously.

She shook her head. “Oh god, no, I’d been teasing him all match – a few strokes here and there, a lick or two, all the usual stuff. I actually thought he might cum right at the beginning, but then I got a solid ball-squeeze in and that seemed to take the edge off.”

Laura was still staring stupidly at Blaze’s seed-soaked thigh when her brain finally caught up with the conversation, and it struck her with a start that she was looking at some poor bloke’s last chance at children. "Shouldn't we, uh, save some of that? In case he wants kids or something?"

Kelly smiled and shook her head. "No, sugar, he's already been to the sperm bank. They wouldn’t let him fight somebody as highly-ranked as Blaze without taking a sample first."

"Besides,” added the redhead, looking down at her leg, “I kneed it right out of his nuts – whatever sperm there are are probably pretty bent out of shape."

Emma rolled her eyes. "It doesn't work that way."

It was only then that Blaze seemed to take note of the newcomer. “Oh hey – are you new? Don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Blaze.”

“L-Laura,” she replied, rather unsteadily. “And, um...I don’t know if this is a weird question, but shouldn’t you be a little more...y’know...concerned that you just shattered a guy’s testicles?

Blaze shrugged. “Why? He’s got sperm samples. He knew what he was getting into. And if I wasn’t comfortable popping nuts, I wouldn’t be here.”

Emma nodded her agreement. “Laura, dear, if you’re going to fight in the Underground League, you’ve got to get more comfortable with injuries. Fighting is rough; this kind of stuff happens.”

“I know, I know.” She twisted her mouth. “I mean, I’ve fractured my wrist battling before, and I cracked an opponent’s rib in college, but it just seems...different, hitting below the belt. Unfair.”

“You’ve never neutered a guy before, then?” asked Blaze, folding her arms across her chest.

"No!" Laura replied, startled. “Of course not.”

Blaze frowned. "Okay then – what's the worst you've done to a guy? Knees, stomps?"

Laura blushed. "I mean, I've kicked a few, but that's all–"

“So you have busted balls, then.”

“Well, yeah...hasn’t every girl at some point? I’ve never ‘popped’ one, though.”

Blaze cocked an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

“I...” Her cheeks burned. “Pretty sure.”

The redhead shrugged. “Honestly, it can be kinda hard to tell when you don’t have much experience. Testicles are sturdy little things, but the difference between a bruise and a rupture is just a bit of strength or a bit of luck.”

“You can usually tell from the guy’s reaction, though,” countered Emma. “I mean, it varies guy to guy, but the squealing is pretty hard to miss.”

Laura blinked. “Then...have you both popped a ball before? Or...”

Kelly at least had the modesty to look embarrassed. "I mean, I don't go out there trying to leave a guy with a sack full o' mush – I just wanna make 'em swell a bit. But I'm a big girl, and things get heated in a battle, and sometimes you accidentally do some damage. It's just part of the sport, sweet pea."

Laura looked increasingly lost. "So you've done it too?"

She looked at her feet. “A few times.”

Emma chuckled. "A few?”

“Seven.” The taller woman grumbled. “Seven times. But only two of those guys lost ‘em both!”

“And you got both those guys off before you neutered ‘em, right?” added Blaze. “That was considerate.”

Laura shook her head, trying to gather her thoughts. “Listen, I...I understand that going for the groin is a big part of the strategy here, and I know that almost every girl in the League does it. But I’m just not sure I could–...I mean, if I actually, y’know–...” She winced at the thought. “If I’m gonna end up doing permanent damage to some guy, then maybe I just shouldn't go for the balls."

"But they're just hanging there!" Blaze argued. She was pouting now. "It's literally like a punching bag! You just get between a guy's legs and POW POW POW, you go to town!"

"And it's such an obvious weak point," added Emma calmly. "If this were a normal fight, Laura, you wouldn't refrain from kicks or something just because they hurt, right? They give you a huge tactical advantage. Testicles work the same way – they give men more strength and aggression, but they give us an opportunity to equalize."

"Fine, I guess, but popping them? That seems extreme.” The brunette bit her lip. “I...I guess maybe I could restrict myself to lighter attacks – slaps or punches, stuff like that. Better than stomping or biting or something...”

“You really think that’s gonna make a difference?” Kelly chuckled. “You can beat ‘em or scramble ‘em, dear – either way, you’re serving up his eggs for breakfast.”

"And you’re being way too cautious,” said Blaze, folding her arms across her chest. “I mean, that's why guys have two – so you can burst a ball without having to worry about it."

"But you just burst both of that guy’s!"

Kelly rumbled. "Honey, he was a veteran fighter – if he was fighting Blaze, he'd been in at least a dozen matches before, and in every one of those matches he'd probably had his spuds kicked into his throat. I'd be amazed if he could still shoot swimmers even if Freckle Butt here hadn't turned his plums to pudding."

"Exactly." Blaze nodded. "Any guy who's been here for more than a few matches knows what he's getting into – you don't move up the ranks without putting on a good show, and for the guys that means getting your nuts kicked in. I mean, the overall win record is like 75% female, 25% male.”

“I guess that makes sense...I still feel a little bad, though.” Laura looked down at her feet. “I mean, if you break your opponent’s nuts, you’ve just ended the poor guy’s sex life.”

Emma nodded. “Well yes, it is a shame, but it’s a natural part of battle. And as far as sex lives go: do you know how many groupies the fighters here get? That guy that Blaze just cracked had probably had more orgasms in the past month than the average man off the street will in his entire life.”

Laura blinked. “Really? Wouldn’t he be too, y’know...sore for that?”

“You’d think so, but the girls love nursing a guy back to health.” Kelly chucked. “Besides – gotta check that the plumbing still works, right?”

“Convenient form of birth control, too,” noted Emma matter-of-factly. “Probably not as effective as the Pill, but still – kicks in the groin definitely lower sperm count.”

“Unless you’re that poor Andrew fella,” Kelly noted.

“Heh. True.”

Laura frowned. “Who?”

“A fighter named Andrew Stokes – I battled him once. Nice guy, but crap at defense. Especially from knees.” Kelly shook her head. “Anywho, he went home with some random fan chick a few months ago, expecting some fun, but it turns out she was one of the kinky ones. Took the phrase ‘balls of steel’ a bit too literally, I guess.”

“She crushed his nuts while they were having sex,” explained Emma. “With an ‘accidental’ squeeze during her orgasm, if you believe her side of the story.”

“PLUS he got her pregnant,” chimed in Blaze. “That’s just adding insult to injury.”

“Hmm, I don’t know...if I were a man and my junk got turned to jelly, I might actually be happy that I knocked someone up first.”

“Yeah, but now he’s gotta pay child support! And since it happened outside the arena, he doesn’t even get a bonus for losing his testicles.”

Laura cleared her throat, drawing the other girls’ attention once more. “Geez. Um...are the crazy fans common?”

Kelly shook her head. “Not really, but you do have to avoid the occasional oddball. This guy came up to me the other day and asked me to kick him..."

"You didn't?" asked Blaze, surprised. "I always do. It's a free shot in the nuts!"

"It's a lawsuit waiting to happen," replied Emma.

"Maybe if you pop 'em, yeah, but we've all got good enough control not to do that."

Kelly rolled her eyes. “Point is, it’s not bad. And better for us than the guys.”

Blaze put a hand to her heart. “Rest in peace, Andrew’s nuts.”

“Oh shut your trap,” replied Kelly, affectionately slugging her on the arm. “You’re one to talk. Your legs are like a testicle graveyard.”

“Hell yeah they are! HA!” Blaze threw a practice kick, her foot slamming upwards into empty space. “Oh fuck, I can’t wait to get the tapes for this last match–”

“Uh, guys?” interjected Emma. “I think we’re overwhelming the newcomer.”

All eyes turned to Laura.

“Oh no! I’m not...I mean...” Laura swallowed nervously. “It is kind of a bit much, to hear you talking so casually know...but I think I’m getting more used to it. This has helped a lot.” She paused. “I’ve got plenty to think about, anyway.”

Kelly nodded. “I’m sure you do. And we probably shouldn’t be filling your head with too many thoughts before your first match – we don’t want to distract you, after all.”

“Of course not,” replied Laura, her eyes falling to Kelly’s breasts once again.

She chuckled. “When the time comes, you’ll know the right thing to do.”

“And the right thing,” added Blaze, “is obviously to punt the guy’s stones into his stomach.”

“Or to tease him ‘til he blows,” added Emma. “Also a valid option.”

Laura smiled. “I’ll figure it out. But, um...I guess I should probably go get ready for my match now, huh? It’s already kinda getting late.”

“I’d say you’re ready,” said Kelly with a grin.

“Mmm,” said Emma.

“Yep,” agreed Blaze. “Oh, and P.S.? The fans are gonna love you, little miss sexy.”

“Eep!” Laura jumped in surprise as the redhead gave her a friendly slap on the ass. “T-Thanks!”

And so Laura turned to leave for her first Underground League match, trying to ignore the butterflies in her stomach.

Behind her, the other girls shouted a few last words of encouragement:

“Good luck, Laura!”

“Knock ‘em dead, girl!”

“...Knock ‘em flat, more like.”

Oh shit–

It was all she could do to twist her body out of the way of her opponent’s haymaker; as it was it still brushed her hip, sending a jolt of pain up her side. Laura bit back a yelp. Sure, a partial dodge was better than no dodge, but even so, glancing blows hurt.

Laura ignored the chance to counterattack and instead darted a few steps away, taking the opportunity to gather herself. The fight had been a bit shaky from the start. It had taken some courage to actually walk out onto the dry dirt of the stadium, in front of all those people without a shred of clothing on – but any nervousness about her wardrobe had quickly been replaced by the need to dodge quick fast now look out

Which she did, again, sidestepping her opponent as he rushed her and unleashing a kick at his back in reply. The man deflected the strike with his arm, whirling to face her again.

Neither opponent had landed a solid blow yet, but both were clearly feeling the strain of battle. Laura wiped the sweat from her brow, panting heavily. Her opponent – Randall, his name was – clearly had the speed advantage, and she was now struggling to keep pace. She needed a hit, and soon.

But Randall had no intention of giving her an opening. The male dashed towards her once more, and Laura quickly side-stepped to the left...but this time he had anticipated the move. She threw up her arms to block, but it didn’t matter: he came crashing into her, a headbutt connecting squarely with her chest and knocking her off her feet.

Laura fell hard, the air forced from her lungs as she crashed to the dirt. She gasped for breath, coughing at the dust cloud around her, eyes finding her opponent just as he leapt forward to slam his body down on top of hers.

With no time to react, she lashed up blindly, a crack echoing through the stadium as her bare foot connected with her opponent above. With the additional upward momentum, he soared straight overhead and tumbled to the ground beyond her, kicking up another cloud of dust. Scrambling, Laura rolled to her hands and knees, jumping up into a defensive stance to shield from his next attack–

–But the next blow didn’t come. She’d expected another rapid strike while she was down – something to disorient her while she was still getting her bearings – but instead she watched with some confusion as the male took a moment to climb to his feet, looking considerably less steady than he had a moment before. He was hunched over a bit, his face tight with pain, his legs squeezed together as if...

Laura’s eyes widened in understanding just as Randall lunged for her with a cry.

But the man failed to reach her. Suddenly he was stopped a foot from her face: his forward momentum coming to a sudden abrupt halt, his fierce look replaced with one of shock. It had been an instinctive move, so it took Laura a moment to realize just what she’d done – the way she’d brought up her knee to stop him, and how it had hit home squarely between his legs, hard enough to bring the entire attack to a halt.

A thrill ran through her as her brain connected the dots: the queasy look spreading across her opponent’s face; the two distinct lumps she felt against her bare thigh, pinned there between her leg and his pelvis. Despite her earlier misgivings, Laura felt the stirrings of pride. She’d done it! She’d flattened his nuts without even trying! Without even meaning to! And it felt...well, to be honest, it felt...

Randall quivered in place like a firework about to go off, body struggling to process the wave of pain radiating outwards from his crushed spuds. But after a long pause, Laura lowered her knee a few inches, enough to let his squashed gonads reinflate to their usual round shape. He slumped with visible relief, looking up at the brunette with gratitude as he reached to cup his bruised balls.

Laura’s hand got there first.

And squeeeeeezed.

BATTLE RESULTS for Friday, July 20th

Kelly Moores (43-15)   vs.   Cody Lank (14-22)
Victor: Kelly Moores (KO via uppercut to the groin)
Summary: Cody’s speed advantage gave him an early lead, but after Kelly got him off with a handjob, it was easy clean-up for the veteran fighter. Read complete battle summary »
Duration: 8:44
Injuries: bruised pelvis (mild)

Emma Rosel (25-18)   vs.   Max Freel (8-17)
Victor: Max Freel (judges’ decision)
Summary: This fight was a sexual war of attrition – both competitors seducing each other to the point of exhaustion. Read complete battle summary »
Duration: 15:00
Injuries: none

Blaze Grinnell (107-22)   vs.   Lance Marshburn (33-31)
Victor: Blaze Grinnell (KO + testicular rupture via kick)
Summary: Here’s one for the highlight reel. Blaze controlled the tempo of the match from the start, teasing Lance to the edge before driving his plums into his throat in an explosive finish. Read complete battle summary »
Duration: 7:19
Injuries: Double rupture; recovery unlikely. Medical report »

Laura Pratt (1-0)   vs.   Randall Walken (0-1)
Victor: Laura Pratt (KO via testicle squeeze)
Summary: Despite some initial hesitation, Laura overcame Randall’s strong offense and rallied from behind to seize the win. Read complete battle summary »
Duration: 6:32
Injuries: none